Vitamin C (High Doses) is very helpful to build up your Immune System against an unnamed Pandemic – Dr. Richard Cheng (Preliminary Results)

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Update 4/9/2020 – Latest Blog article with Video – Must Watch!

Vitamin C, D, Zinc and Immune System Building Protocol – Dr. Paul Marik (EVMS Medical Group)

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Dr. Cheng is back with an update 03/19/20:

Here’s a quick summary from the video below and article linked below:

  • 50 patients dosage mild case of : 10-20 grams of IV drip 8-10 hours, if critical 20 grams
  • Out of 50 related to severe, no one died, all recover. Significant improvement in recovery.
  • Final data still being finalized, average hospital stay is 3-5 day shorter than average patient
  • 25 days. 360 patients in Shanghai, this group they treated 50 of them.
  • 1 case a patient was deteriorating rapidly, used oxygenation index, gave them 50 gr of vitamin c
  • Over period of 4 hours. Recorded literally the patient was healing in real-time from Dr. Mao.
  • Dr. Mao is part of the Senior Expert Team in Shanghai Public Health Center where all patients have been treated.
  • Hyper-coagulability (easy for blood to clog) – use heparin sodium to help 40% of severe cases.  Chaga has the properties which thins the blood but there is not enough science to find the appropriate dosage to show how thin blood gets based on dosage.
  • Good news in China, an unnamed pandemic is coming to a close and folks are going back to world but the rest of world is fighting it now. Dr. Cheng personally takes 5-10 grams a day by vitamin c oral or IV.

Here’s the source data located here.  PLEASE READ and SHARE.


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Unnamed Pandemic Live Stats here!

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Update 3/28/2020

Vitamin C in high doses is safe in treatment of Unnamed pandemic – Dr. Richard Cheng

Update 3/27/2020

Unnamed Pandemic Doctor’s Real-life Testimonial in Madrid – Life or Death? EXTREME SITUATION! (3/27/20)

Update 3/26/2020

Vitamin C used by doctors in NY for Unnamed Pandemic Treatment and IT WORKS! Dr. Weber (Pushing Out-of-the-Box Thinking!)

UPDATE 3/24/2020

Why N95 masks MAY NOT WORK and only hardening your Immune System with Chaga and Vitamin C, D does?

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