Frequently Asked Questions

Greenbelt Outdoors Self Served Paddleboard SUP Kayak Packraft Rentals Austin TX Texas

Can you explain the Process of how to Rent?

How about we just show you our latest Process video.

Why is there a deposit / shipping charge when checking out for Rentals?

You must select the given deposit at checkout which we've added as essentially at the shipping cost location during checkout process.

You're card will be pre-authorized only and we will not charge you until after the items are returned. We expect to charge you only for the rental day. However, this charge must be applied in case the items are lost, stolen, or damaged. It is a replacement cost essentially.

This is our guarantee that you don't just take our gear and run off with it. So you pick the gear for checkout, add the specific deposit, and pay. We charge you only after you return the gear which will likely only be the rental charge if everything is returned as received

Where do I pickup the gear?

We will send you an email with the pickup location after you sign our Digital Liability Waiver and Rental Agreement.  You can review it here.

I'm struggling with the Smart Padlock.  How do I use it?

We will send you a Pin Code(s) for Access to the locker for the length of your booking confirmation.

Review our youtube video playlist on troubleshooting issues for the locks.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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