Barton Creek Greenbelt – Hill of Life – Self-Guided Packraft Tours – A New Adventure For Austin

Hi Austinites,

Welcome to a new way to explore Barton Creek. Say hello to the Packraft. This is a new tool for adventure. Here at Greenbelt Outdoors, we want to create a new experience for the locals that we’d want to do ourselves. Who are we? We are outdoor adventurers like you trying to make the best of what our city has to offer.

What do we love in Austin? Our beloved Barton Creek Greenbelt. What do we hate about it? It DRYs up in the summer! When we are sitting here in a winter season of “La Nina”, we don’t expect any rain for the foreseeable future and that SUCKS. What can we do about it? GET CREATIVE!

So we went on multiple days hunting out the local area to find the water and what was left to explore. Guess what, we FOUND IT! Anddd we want to share it with you! When the water is low, join us on a Self-Guided Packraft Tour and explore new areas of the Greenbelt that have been previously inaccessible. It’s nearly impossible to haul a hard 50-60 lb kayak down the hill of life and back. The water gets as low as 6 inches of water and as deep as 4 ft. But with a packraft you can walk down Hill of Life with a 10-15 lb backpack, inflate in 30 seconds with our automatic feather pump listed below, toss on your splash pants and helmet, and pack the rest of the gear in your fully inflated packraft. Now you are ready to explore!

We’ve partnered with the best small premium brands in the industry to get you the tools needed for this new local adventure. Say hello to Kokopelli Packrafts, SOL Paddle boards, Shred Ready helmets, Level Six water gear, and more. With these mom and pop premium outdoor brands that put the customer first while pushing the boundaries of innovation, we can now provide Austin a self-guided tour with the best gear on the market for exploration and safety. Here’s the gear listed below that will come with your tour!

We’ve shared our experience on Instagram and youtube to review what to expect.

Here’s our Guide we built for you to review:

Additionally, we have done the full route so we can make sure you are aware of
all obstacles, hazards, exits, etc. to the best of our ability.

This is a self-guided tour so this guide is for your knowledge on best practices but
it is ultimately your decision on how to utilize it.

We’ve created this Self-Guided Tour beginning at the top of the Hill of Life Trail on
the Greenbelt. You hike down from the top, head to the right once you’ve
reached the bottom, in a few minutes you’ll run into the Hill of Life Dam /
Waterfall. This is where your adventure begins!

Continue Reading our Guide here!

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