Neuro Mints & Gum – Natural Ingredients for Energy Boost

We are digging these guys. They push their limits daily and started a company to share the best energy boosting products while you are on the go that are natural for your body. Hope they take off and energy drinks go away!

Here’s their story:

When we met in college, we had a lot on our plates. Kent trained with the Japanese Olympic Judo team, painted as a muralist for the city of Los Angeles, and competed internationally in Muay Thai. Meanwhile, Ryan trained with the U.S. Paralympic team while holding a 2nd degree black belt in Kendo.

With degrees in neuroscience and chemistry and economics, we challenged both our minds as well as our bodies. We set out to live life to the fullest. 

But in the search for a product that would keep us going, we realized that there wasn’t anything that would help us accomplish more in a healthy and effective way.

Neuro Gum Neuro Mint Energy Gum Energy mint

We didn’t want to take mysterious supplements or energy drinks when studying, training, or going out. Instead of something sugary and ineffective, we wanted clean, balanced energy… something that could be taken anywhere, anytime.

So we launched a campaign for better energy… and we realized it wasn’t just us.  In only three days, our first batch was fully crowdfunded and people raved about us.

Neuro will be appearing on Shark Tank tomorrow night at 8 PM! Please feel free to watch their pitch here:

Neuro Gum Neuro mints Neuro ingredients Shark tank

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