Welcome to Adventure Crate! The first Self-Service Smart Locker Shipping Container Kiosk for Outdoor Recreation Rentals! If you are interested in becoming an owner and operator of this solution, go to the button below.

How to Rent our Equipement?

Get ready for a new way to rent your water gear!  The New Roaring 20s are coming with this digital solution.  Automated Smart Lockers.

Self-Served kayak, packraft, and paddleboard rentals. No more waiting in lines to get on the water. You book online. Pick up the gear on your time through our automated kiosk solution. Drop in on the water wherever you want!

We've put together a local guide for drop in points here:

Click Rental Agreement and Liability Waiver to review our Rental Agreement and Liability Waiver.

You will be sent a digital version upon booking confirmation which is REQUIRED to digitally sign before arrival of your rental.  Upon signing the agreement, we will then send you the Access Code for your Locker and the Pick-up Location.

If you do not sign, before picking up your rental, you will not receive Access Code nor Pickup Location and you will forfeit your booking and not be refunded.

Check out our Process video above!

We are offering for the first time in Texas Packraft Rentals.  Check out our Self-Guided Tours for new ways to experience the Greater Austin River, Lakes, and Creeks where you hike in, inflate, and paddle around utilizing our guides we've created.

Austin SUP Rentals and Austin Kayak Rentals are availabe 24/7 365 with no lines and the best gear on the market. Gear comes with Automatic Pumps. Try us today!

Check out our Membership Program below!

Instructions to Rent:

  1. Click the floating Rent Now button on the bottom left
  2. Choose Water Rentals or Self-Guided Tours
  3. Select the gear you'd like by clicking the + button.
  4. Scroll down to the date you'd like to reserve and click that date.
  5. Choose the duration you'd like to rent for.
  6. Put in your information and checkout.
  7. Upon confirmation, you'll receive an email to sign the digital liability waiver
    2. All Renters participating must sign it. Send the link to the other guests.
  8. You’ll upload your official government id on the jotform link.
  9. Upon completion of both, we'll send you pin code access to the smart lockers inside the shipping container kiosk where your gear is located.
  10. Arrive at at the time your booking starts.
  11. Enter the pin code you've received with FRONT DOOR under it and type in the numbers then hit the lock symbol.
  12. The kiosk will unlock.  Put in the pin codes for the assigned smart lockers you've been assigned and do the same.
  13. Grab adult universal life vests on the crates and lock up all the locks as you exit.
    1. If you ordered a paddle board, please ensure to grab the Automatic Pump as well.  Set to 15 psi.
    2. It will turn off when it reaches the desired pressure.
  14. Now the Adventure Begins and go wherever you want!

Inflation Instructions:

  1. Upon arrival to your destination, it's time to inflate.
    1. If you've ordered a SUP (Paddle board), unpack your bag. Plug the automatic pump into the 12v cigarette lighter in your car. Push in the SUP valve so it's extend and inflation mode and plug the hose in. Connect the paddles (you want it to be 10" extended over your head), attach the fin, pack the bag back in your car/truck.
    2. If you've ordered a Kayak, unpack your bag. unfold the kayak. Read the instructions on the floor for the desired PSI on the floor and two side chambers. Push in all valves so they are extended.  To deflate later, push in and twist.
    3. If you've ordered a Packraft, XPD or Recon, push in the valves so they are extended and inflation mode. Inflate to 2 PSI with the manual pump. Inflate the seat by blowing air in the valve. Connect the paddles.
      1. If you've ordered the Rogue-lite or Twain, use the automatic feather pump and keep the valve depressed in deflation mode. Put the feather pump in the valve and let it inflate till it can't go anymore. At that point put your finger in the valve and twist so the valve is in inflation mode and stops losing air. Blow in the valve five or so times till the raft won't inflate anymore and you are done.
    4. Put on your life vests and have fun!
    5. Call or text with any questions 512-763-0912
  2. Return the gear the same way as received before your booking expires or it'll be considered late. Text or call us if there's any issues on that. Send pictures of gear secured and front door secured.
  3. All Rental Gear MUST be returned as received in the same bag and locker with paddles, pump, main rental gear disassembled or there will be a $50 fee for noncompliance.

Inflatable Paddleboards

$45 - 2 Hrs

$65 - 4 Hrs

$95 - 24 Hrs

$175 - 2 Days

$250 - 3 Days

Inflatable Single Kayaks / Packrafts

$40 - 2 Hrs

$60 - 4 Hrs

$95- 24 Hrs

$160 - 2 Days

$240 - 3 Days

Inflatable 2-6 Person Paddleboard

$145 - 2 Hrs

$220 - 4 Hrs

$300 - 24 Hrs

$450 - 2 Days

$600 - 3 Days

Adventure Crate Kiosk Locations

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Stephen Sturdevant
Stephen Sturdevant
18:34 27 May 24
Easy to reserve and great communication from the proprietor. Perfect water access. You may need a park reservation as well but we were able to just pay $5 parking when we told the park host we had a reservation with greenbelt outdoor rental. Took a bit to find a working pump in the pile but once we did it was easy. Would definitely do this again!
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Now offering Self-Guided Packraft / Kayak Tours in the Greater Austin Area

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