Self-Served Inflatable Water Rentals

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Get ready for a new way to rent your water gear!  The New Roaring 20s are coming with this digital solution.  Automated Smart Lockers.

Self-Served kayak, packraft, and paddleboard rentals. No more waiting in lines to get on the water. You book online. Pick up the gear on your time through our automated kiosk solution.

Click Rental Agreement and Liability Waiver GBOutdoors to review our Rental Agreement and Liability Waiver.

You will be sent a digital version upon booking confirmation which is REQUIRED to digitally sign before arrival of your rental.  Upon signing the agreement, we will then send you the Access Code for your Locker and the Pick-up Location.

If you do not sign, before picking up your rental, you will not receive Access Code nor Pickup Location and you will forfeit your booking and not be refunded.

Additionally, please review our Pre/Post Inspection Checklist for the smoothest experience located HERE.  It is CRITICAL to review.

As stated in the Rental Agreement and Liability Waiver, you will only be pre-authorized upon booking. This means you will not be charged on your credit card until the rental is returned as received.  At this point you will be charged for the Rental cost per day only with associated tax and not charged for the full amount of the deposit with associated tax.  Please review the rental agreement for more details if damage occurs or item is lost.

Check out our Process video below:


I am excited to announce that we have partnered with Ruckify to make your bookings more simplified via their app.

As a thank you to people in Austin for supporting their community as the city works to get through these difficult times, Ruckify would like to offer all of its customers $35 off their first rental this season!

That's enough for a free afternoon on our kayaks and adventure boats or 75% off our paddelboard package.

Sign up now through the link here and take advantage of this promotion and view our Ruckify store here!

Let us know if you have any questions!
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