Introducing Self-Served Inflatable Water Rentals via our Shipping Container Kiosk

Get ready for a new way to rent your water gear!  The New Roaring 20s are coming with this digital solution.  Automated Smart Lockers.

Self-Served kayak, packraft, and paddleboard rentals. No more waiting in lines to get on the water. You book online. Pick up the gear on your time through our automated kiosk solution. Drop in on the water wherever you want!

We've put together a local guide for drop in points here:

Click Rental Agreement and Liability Waiver to review our Rental Agreement and Liability Waiver.

You will be sent a digital version upon booking confirmation which is REQUIRED to digitally sign before arrival of your rental.  Upon signing the agreement, we will then send you the Access Code for your Locker and the Pick-up Location.

If you do not sign, before picking up your rental, you will not receive Access Code nor Pickup Location and you will forfeit your booking and not be refunded.

Check out our Process video above!

We are offering for the first time in Texas Packraft Rentals.  Check out our Self-Guided Tours for new ways to experience the Greater Austin River, Lakes, and Creeks where you hike in, inflate, and paddle around utilizing our guides we've created.

Austin SUP Rentals and Austin Kayak Rentals are availabe 24/7 365 with no lines and the best gear on the market. Gear comes with Automatic Pumps. Try us today!

Check out our Membership Program below!

Instructions to Rent:

  1. Click the floating Rent Now button on the bottom left
  2. Choose Water Rentals or Self-Guided Tours
  3. Choose Location
  4. Select the gear you'd like by clicking the + button.
  5. Scroll down to the date you'd like to reserve and click that date.
  6. Choose the duration you'd like to rent for.
  7. Put in your information and checkout.
  8. Upon confirmation, you'll receive an email to sign the digital liability waiver
    2. All Renters participating must sign it. Send the link to the other guests.
  9. Send over a picture of yourself holding your government issued ID to 512-763-0912 or email us at
  10. Upon completion of both, we'll send you pin code access to the smart lockers inside the shipping container kiosk where your gear is located.
  11. Arrive at at the time your booking starts.
  12. Enter the pin code you've received with FRONT DOOR under it and type in the numbers then hit the lock symbol.
  13. The kiosk will unlock.  Put in the pin codes for the assigned smart lockers you've been assigned and do the same.
  14. Grab adult universal life vests on the crates and lock up all the locks as you exit.
    1. If you ordered a paddle board, please ensure to grab the Automatic Pump as well.  Set to 15 psi.
    2. It will turn off when it reaches the desired pressure.
  15. Now the Adventure Begins and go wherever you want!

Instructions for KPaddleboard Rental Adventure Crate Greenbelt Outdoors
Instructions for Kayak Rental Adventure Crate Greenbelt Outdoors
Instructions for Packraft Rental Adventure Crate Greenbelt Outdoors

Inflatable Paddleboards

$35 - 2 Hrs

$45 - 4 Hrs

$65 - 24 Hrs

$146 - 2 Days

$208 - 3 Days

$335 - 5 Days

$432 - 7 Days

Inflatable Single Kayaks / Packrafts

$30 - 2 Hrs

$40 - 4 Hrs

$60 - 24 Hrs

$131 - 2 Days

$187 - 3 Days

$300 - 5 Days

$387 - 7 Days

Inflatable Double Kayaks / Packrafts

$40 - 2 Hrs

$50 - 4 Hrs

$75 - 24 Hrs

$164 - 2 Days

$234 - 3 Days

$375 - 5 Days

$483 - 7 Days

6 person Paddleboard Austin

6 Person Stand Up Paddleboard rentals are now LIVE for the first time in Austin, TX at our South Lamar location for Lady Bird Access.

Welcome the Isle 15' Megalodon 2-6 Person Paddleboard (1050 lbs limit)

Recommend 4 hour rentals for the best experience. Can utilize with just two people rowing in coordination. Fast mover and stable. Fun for your friend group or family. Comes with up to 6 Paddles and two Automatic SUPs. Takes 10 minutes to inflate. 56 inches wide. Carry with two people resting on your heads and arms or 6 people holding at their waist. Lightweight enough for 2 people to carry with paddles toss on top of the board when carrying.

15% Off Your First Rental With promo code: NEW15

Adventure Crate Kiosk Locations

South Lamar - Lady Bird Lake Downtown ATX

Jessica Hollis LCRA Park





Here's our latest FOX 7 NEWS Interview below and our latest review by LifeofaCherryWife on our Barton Creek Greenbelt Self-Guided Packraft Tour located here.


Now offering Self-Guided Packraft / Kayak Tours in the Greater Austin Area

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