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What makes us different? 

We support the "little guy". We want to be the marketplace for the "Mom and Pop" Outdoor brands.

We will be adding small brands weekly and working on partnerships throughout the year.  Also in the works is a marketplace for used outdoor gear.  We want to get you the best value for products you cannot return back to the store but are still in great condition and deserve a home.

The latest integration to our business is we are trying provide close the gap to inflatable water gear and the overland and camping community.  For example, providing awareness to peak quality inflatable kayaks, packrafts, and paddleboards that come in a small package to easily bring with you on the trail or road. No more tossing that heavy kayak on your roof.  Toss your 5 lb packraft in the backseat.

Lastly, our newest addition to the business is we are offering the first self-served water rental operation.  We are offering inflatable kayaks, packrafts, and paddleboards to the Austin, TX area via our automated smart lockers.

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