Water Rentals – Pre/Post Inspection

Arrival Procedures

Instructions will be provided via follow up email to completion of the Digital Rental Liability Waiver.  Our pickup location is on South Lamar across from Gourdough's Public House.

Check-Out Procedures

Before leaving Greenbelt Outdoors LLC, you are responsible for inspecting all equipment carefully and to bring any missing or damaged equipment to our attention. Make sure any discrepancies are noted.  Please send pictures and a text or email regarding your findings. Failure to note any discrepancies may result in a fee for damaged or missing equipment. If needed, please reach out to us for assistance with inspection and/or instructions on how to properly set-up the equipment.

It generally takes 5 - 15 minutes to check out water rentals. Please consider this as you make your reservation.

Pre-Inspection Checklist

Inspection begins when you open the locker at the pick-up location.

Procedure is as follows:

  1. Ensure all your equipment is in the locker.  This includes packraft/kayak/ or paddleboard, paddle, adult PFD.
  2. Unroll your gear to check the previous renter returned the gear without any quality issues as expected and is not damaged.  If this step is not performed you take the liability if damage was done by the previous renter.
  3. Grab a white rag to wipe down the water when you get off the river/lake.
  4. Please take pictures of the rental equipment as received and send it to 512-763-0912 or email us at info@greenbeltoutdoors.com with your order # If the gear is 100% as expected, roll up your gear and continue with the procedure.
    1. If the gear has any damage or is extremely dirty, let us know so we can address it with the previous renter.
  5. Use any of the alcohol wipes to wipe down the rafts if you'd like.
  6. Close the locker and secure it with the Smart Padlock you previously unlocked.
  7. Close the Storage Location main door and secure with the Smart Padlock previously used.
  8. Pre-Inspection Checklist Complete.  Have fun!

Check-In Procedures

Equipment must be returned within 1-hour of the time and date listed on your contract. Returns later than 1-hour of the listed time may incur a late fee. A cleaning fee of $10.00 per boat will be collected if they are not returned in the same condition they left. Please follow the Post Inspection Checklist for best practices to return equipment.,.. You will be charged for equipment that is dirty, damaged, or missing, up to and including the cost to replace such equipment at the current equipment costs, regardless of the age of the equipment.

Do not leave equipment unattended (during Closed hours) at Greenbelt Outdoors. You will be charged a $25.00 fee regardless of the reason unless arrangements are made beforehand with us. Should the equipment be lost or stolen while left unattended, the renter will be responsible for all replacement costs which are included in the cost of your booking.  Authorization of the replacement costs shall occur.

Equipment Damage: Rental Fees do not cover any portion of damages to equipment. Any damaged equipment interfering with the rental or reservation of another will be charged the entire cost of the other rental in addition to all equipment repair and/or replacement costs.  Simply put, if equipment is damaged as a result of your actions, you will be charged additional fees to cover rentals that occur post your booking confirmation up to 5 days.  If damage is a simple repair kit fix, 1 additional day of rental costs will occur.  If the damage inflicted is beyond repair, replacement cost will be authorized based on your booking and 5 days of missed bookings based on time to delivery of newly ordered replacement.

Post-Inspection Checklist

Inspection begins when you are done paddling prior to arrival at the drop-off location.

Procedure is as follows:

  1. Flip the inflatable water equipment so that all water drains.
  2. Find a soft dry place to begin deflation.  (Grass, non-dirty area, pavement not recommended)
  3. Deflate the inflatable water equipment.
  4. Wipe down the equipment with the rag grabbed at the pickup location.
  5. Additionally wipe down the equipment including paddles and PFDs after drying off with the disposable disinfectant wipes.
  6. Take pictures of the front and back side of the equipment and send to 512-763-0912 or email us at info@greenbeltoutdoors.com with your order number in the title.
  7. As you roll up the packraft/kayak/paddleboard from farthest away to the air valve, wipe the bottom of the equipment to clean any water/dirt.
  8. Disconnect all 4 piece and 2 piece paddles now.  Place in bag provided or inside straps on packrafts about to be rolled up.
  9. All packrafts that came rolled up with d-rings and straps, place them around the raft now and tighten.  Any kayak, packraft, or paddleboard which came in an oversized backpack, place them in the bag now.
  10. Grab all gear and place in your vehicle and head to the pick-up location.
  11. Enter the previous pin code that was utilized upon pick-up for the entrance and locker you pulled the equipment from.
  12. Place the equipment back inside the locker.
  13. Lock the Smart Padlock on the locker and ensure it’s secured.
  14. Pull down the storage unit door and lock with the smart padlock again and secure.
  15. Post Checklist Inspection Complete.
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