Kokopelli 3-Point Thigh-Strap Kit for Whitewater


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KokoPelli Packraft

Kokopelli’s patent pending 3-point thigh-strap system has been completely redesigned for 2020. The thigh straps feature an EVA molded padded strap offering a more comfortable support to the interior of your legs. The 1 in. (2.5cm) mil-spec webbing straps loop through the pre-placed stainless-steel d-rings on your Nirvana and Recon packrafts (2020 and newer) and connect back onto the main strap using a reinforced 1 in. (2.5cm) cam buckle.

By using two cam buckles on each strap it allows the thigh-straps to maintain tension and stay in place even when the webbing is wet – allowing for a more responsive ride. The third support strap attaches through the mid-point stainless-steel d-ring (on same plate as 2in (5cm) backband attachment point) which connects back through a 0.75in (2cm) tri-glide buckle. Thigh-straps allow for better control in the water and also allow for experienced packrafters to roll their packraft.


  1. The Thigh-Straps are mirrored and the mid-point 0.75in (2.0cm) support strap should be near your upper thigh area.
  2. Run the front 1in (2.5cm) mil-spec webbing straps through the front stainless-steel d-ring posistioned near your ankles and back to the front cam buckle.
  3. Run the rear 1in (2.5cm) mil-spec webbing straps through the rear stainless-steel d-ring posistioned near your hip and back to the rear cam buckle.
  4. Loop the mid-point 0.75in (2.0cm) support strap through the mid-point stainless-steel d-ring. Then run it back through the tri-glide on the mid-point strap.
  5. Tension to comfort.


Rinse with clean water and dry. Store in a climate controlled, low-UV environment.


While you can use the 2020 Thigh-Strap Set on your 2019 Whitewater Series packraft with no conversion, for increased installation speed and ease-of-use we recommend two different solutions:

  1. Install 6x Sea-To-Summit 1in (25mm) Ladder-Lock Field Repair Buckles (AVAILABLE AT REI) on each of the nylon loop d-ring thigh-strap attachment points.
  2. Install 6x Locking Carabiners on the 6x nylon loop d-ring thigh-strap attachment points.
Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 2 × 18 in



KokoPelli Packraft


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