SOL 12V High Pressure SUP / Paddleboard Electric Pump w/ Automatic Shut Off (up to 18 PSI)



Sol Paddleboards

Inflating a SUP paddle board has never been so easy! Essential to every paddleboard kit, this pump will save you time and energy as your board will inflate within minutes. The SOL 12V High Pressure Electric Pump (18 psi) plugs into your vehicle’s cigarettes lighter or battery terminal. With a fully adjustable pressure knob, you can select the desired inflation psi and when it reaches your chosen psi, the pump shuts off.  This is the best 12v SUP pump on the market.

One-year warranty


An Automatic Electric pump is sure nice to have!  This pump is an absolute must for these high pressure boards.  Plug-n-Play system to your car battery.  Sit back and relax for 5 minutes and let the pump do it for you.  If you need higher pressure after 18 PSI, just connect the manual pump and in 5-10 pumps you should be all set.  18 PSI will do the job for most SOL boards.  Also compatible with any other iSUP you may have.

Highly recommended for those who plan on inflating/deflating regularly and those with multiple boards to inflate.

  • Makes owning an inflatable board even more convenient.
  • A pump that inflates fast, is reliable and easy to use.
  • Set the dial to your desired pressure. This pump will automatically turn off once the chosen pressure is reached.

We must have tested all of the common and many of the less common electric pumps in the world.   We were looking for a durable pump that lasted.  Many of the electric pumps that we tested would overheat after a single board and many would break after just a handful of uses.

This Bravo BPT12 is a two-stage pump that inflates a full-sized board in less than 6 minutes.  It is well made, reliable and easy to use.

This pump will automatically inflate to 18psi – which is more than enough for most iSUPs.  Here’s a video from Hydrus on a previous model that goes to 15psi without the 12v hook up to your cigarette lighter.


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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 6 in


SOL Paddleboards

Sol Paddleboards


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