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Mountain Hatch, Brands - Greenbelt Outdoors


The Mountain Hatch Swag Tent is a great alternative when wanting to travel light or if your rooftop tent can’t fit your entire family. Whether your a weekend warrior is setting up base camp for a week hunting or fishing trip. This tent is rugged enough for anything. Inspired by Australian overlanders, this tent is quick and easy to set up and break down. Rooftop tents are great but every time you want to go explore, you have to put it away which becomes a big pain.

Made with a heavy-duty all-weather canvas and a PVC bottom, this tent will surely keep you warm and cozy in those frigid temperatures and cool on those warm summer nights with our four screen windows. With the ability to exit both sides, you will no longer need to roll on top of your sleeping buddy when getting out of this swag. This tent also comes with a built-in foam mattress that stays in tent constantly and a carrying bag for easy storage and transport.

Mountain Hatch has tested this tent in Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, and in The Sierras of Northern California.   This tent can also be strapped down to any roof rack if space is already an issue. With the PVC bottom your tent will stay nice and dry when driving through wet or snowy weather.

The Mountain Hatch team has been using swags for a while now and have decided to take the good from all the tents we have tried over the years and make our own. Life’s too short. Go explore. Bring a swag!

Also available in a “Bring a Buddy” version

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East Breakdown and setup:


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Weight 26 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 7 × 7 in


Mountain Hatch

Mountain Hatch, Brands - Greenbelt Outdoors


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