Kokopelli Moki-lite – Inflatable Kayak for Single Kayaker



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KokoPelli Packraft

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Like a SUP, but better (because it’s a kayak).

The Moki-Lite is the perfect kayak for adventure paddlers seeking a high-performance durable and innovative inflatable kayak.

All of our Moki Series boats feature a high pressure rigid drop-stitch floor for ultimate stability, a 9in (23cm) removable tracking fin to keep you on course, user-friendly Leafield D7 valves, and multi chamber inflation for added security on the water (not that you’ll need it). The American Standard Fin Box also accommodates most e-motors for when you’ve got a lot of water to cover, or just feel like taking it easy!

Weighing in at 26.7lb (12.1kg), but packing down to less than a checked suitcase, the Moki-Lite is all the fun of a kayak with no storage or car rack required, and ideal for flat open waters, touring, and ocean paddling. To make getting on the water even more hassle-free, we’ve included our Alpine Lake Paddle (4-Piece Breakdown), super efficient Nano Barrel Pump, ultra comfy EVA Seat, Repair Kit with Glue, and our XL Animas River Bag to carry it all.

  • 1x Moki-Lite
  • 1x Alpine Lake Paddle (4-Piece)
  • 1x Nano Barrel Pump
  • 1x EVA Seat
  • 1x Drop-Stitch Floor
  • 1x Repair Kit with Glue
  • 1x Removable Fin
  • 1x Animas River Bag – XL
Weight 27 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 10 × 36 in



KokoPelli Packraft


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