Vitamin C human clinical trials begin against Pandemic!

Big brother is censoring our information 5/13/20. Please share with your friends and family.

In Italy last month they are asking for participants for human clinical trials on the use of Vitamin C vs a Pandemic

As described in the study:

Different studies showed that ascorbic acid (vitaminC) positively affects the development and maturation of T-lymphocytes, in particular NK (natural Killer) cells involved in the immune response to viral agents. It also contributes to the inhibition of ROS production and to the remodulation of the cytokine network typical of systemic inflammatory syndrome.

Recent studies have also demonstrated the effectiveness of vitamin C administration in terms of reducing mortality, in patients with sepsis hospitalized in intensive care wards.

Given this background, in the light of a pandemic emergency, since the investigators cannot carry out a randomized controlled trial, it is their intention to conduct a study in the cohort of hospitalized patients with pandemic pneumonia, administering 10 gr of vitamin C intravenously in addition to conventional therapy.

Ultimately they wouldn’t conduct this study if they didn’t believe there was truth to it. All we are trying to do is get the information out to folks in this dire situation. It’s your body and your decision. No one else.

See the study here:

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