Why N95 masks MAY NOT WORK and only hardening your Immune System with Chaga and Vitamin C, D does?

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Update 4/9/2020 – Latest Blog article with Video – Must Watch!

Coronavirus Covid-19 Size Micron #chaga_gangsta chaga_gangsta

Update 4/2/2020

Coronavirus / Covid-19 Vitamin C, D, Zinc and Immune System Building Protocol – – Dr. Paul Marik (EVMS Medical Group)

Firstly, yes it is a good starter to have a mask if you don’t understand why you need to build up your immune system to fight the Coronavirus / Covid-19. Secondly, China sourcing for the masks has just been cutoff via Alibaba Express. Thirdly, if you didn’t have P100 (better than N95) which blocks out nearly all particles, the virus was still able to penetrate the mask.

YOU NEED TO BUILD UP YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM AND MAINTAIN THAT HEIGHTENED LEVEL! All articles are for informational purposes and are meant for immune system building only.

How Big Are Coronavirus Particles?

Scientists have already used electron microscopes to measure how big the corona virus is. Coronavirus virions (or ‘particles’) are spherical particles with diameters of approximately 125 nm (0.125 microns). The smallest particles are 0.06 microns, and the largest are 0.14 microns.

This means coronavirus particles are smaller than PM 2.5 filters / N95 filters (masks), but bigger than some dust particles and gases.

Coronavirus Mask tests

The Chinese Communist Party has limited the outflow of internet traffic to push out the Chaga blocking mechanism testimonials.These doctors prove the studies and research inhibits the protease hijack to the Cov-2 entry which ultimately would allow for takeoff and replication of the virus. Will just have to wait till that research comes out from the western world but they are on it.


See the full article below for the extreme detailed review of masks to help filter against the disease.


Update 3/28/2020

Vitamin C in high doses is safe in treatment of an unnamed Pandemic – Dr. Richard Cheng

Update 3/27/2020

Coronavirus / Covid-19 Doctor’s Real-life Testimonial in Madrid – Life or Death? EXTREME SITUATION! (3/27/20)

Update 3/26/2020

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SOURCE: https://www.cell.com/cell/pdf/S0092-8674(20)30229-4.pdf

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