Are you recycling your Camping Fuel Canisters properly?

Outdoor Element Handled

A small company out of Denver, Outdoor Element, just released on Kickstarter on a multi-tool called “Handled”. Not only is it a pot holder but it also acts a disposable tool for your used fuel canisters. Bet most of you didn’t realize how important it is to consider.

It’s easy to forget these $2 camping fuel / propane / gas canisters can be just tossed away but if there is any fuel left in there, it can cause potential issues and accidents if not properly disposed of (see video below).

Handled Outdoor Element

Don’t burn yourself with your camping pot handles anymore. Be responsible and properly prep your fuel canister for recycle or disposal. 

The project is already fully funded and we believe the company is filling a gap that currently exists out there. Easy disposable of fuel canisters safely and easy grip tool for all camp pots and stoves. Toss it in your survival bag with your cooking system and you are all set.

Check out there Kickstarter campaign here! There’s a bunch more details there! Support small business. GET 10% off via our link.

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