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Now is the time more than ever to get yourself a First Aid Kit handy during this Coronavirus Pandemic. Better safe than sorry and it’s insurance for yourself.

There is the easy way, and it’s the route we’ve chosen for ourselves, and that is to purchase high-end pre-made kits from My Medic. Get it and forget it in your car/truck or in house. You can never have too many backups because an emergency can happen anywhere.

We’ll explain our reasoning, and why we suggest you consider doing the same for your emergency kits. Get your MyMedic First Aid Kits in the links below. It helps support our blog 🙂

Benefits of Pre-made First Aid Kits

Whether you want to roll your own, or buy a kit made, both have can benefits & downsides.

We knew we needed a few good first aid kits for our emergency survival gear, but wanted to get the right gear. We started to do research about it, and the amount of information out there can get you lost in the sauce.

We looked for a company you can depend on and trust. Experience is key and knowing how to do it right is huge. A company that worked with and was endorsed by First Responders. That led us to My Medic.

How Much Kit Do You Need?

Here’s a few things to consider:

  • How many people is the first aid kit going to be for?
  • Type of Kit?
  • Price

We’ll start with the smallest and work our way up in size.

The Solo First Aid Kit

My medic solo coronavirus first aid covid-19

The aptly named Solo kit is designed for 1, and is small enough to include throw in a commuter pack, a get home bag, or in the car. The Solo is also TSA friendly, so take in on a plane with you without issues.

It was designed to treat minor, non-life threatening aliments. So scrapes, burns, small cuts, bites, and such.

Basic or Advanced?

MyMedic Solo Kits come in two options: Basic for $50 and Advanced for $90.

The Advanced Kit holds nearly all the same items as the basic, but adds a Rats Tourniquet, Liquid Skin, and a Survival Card.All good additions, but in this case, given the kit size and what it is mainly designed to do, I would recommend the Basic Solo.

The Solo also comes in two styles of case, a soft and hard case. Although the soft case isn’t waterproof in the same way the plastic case is, I recommend the soft case. It has MOLLE straps and can be attached to the outside of a backpack.

See a list of what’s included in both here.

The MyFAK First Aid Kit

my medic mymedic myfak fak first aid coronavirus medical

The MyFAK kit is the kit you want to get if you have the space and the money for it. The Basic Kit is $120 and the Advanced $240.

Well for starters, these FAKS are essentially well rounded out trauma kits. The Advanced Kit can temporarily treat gaping wounds, amputations, deep cuts and infections, sucking chest wounds, obstructed airways, and more.

It also includes a suture kit, topical and sprain treatments, and other important survival items to treat shock, sun-stroke, and dehydration.

Basic or Advanced?

If you want to treat firearm related injuries then the Advanced is the better of the two, since it has more serious bleeding controls.

If you are just looking for a really good, all around kit for you and the family then the Basic does the job.

See a list of what’s included in both here.

mymedic recon coronavirus first aid first-aid recon covid-19 survival medical

The Recon First Aid Kit

The Recon is our medium-sized First Aid Kit and comes fully stocked with the best supplies available today. It’s designed to carry everything you’ll need, no matter where you are or what you’re doing.  Alternative to MyFak. Prices are $250 basic or $375 advanced. Get prepared now. You can’t go wrong!

The best place to get a MyMedic kit is directly from their website because:

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