Coronavirus, Vitamin C, Fake News and Censorship. Why don’t they want the Public to know?

Coronavirus Vitamin C

Big brother is censoring our information. Please share with friends and family 5/13.

Update 4/9/2020 – Latest Blog article with Video – Must Watch!

Update 3/28/2020

Vitamin C in high doses is safe in treatment of Coronavirus / Covid-19 – Dr. Richard Cheng

UPDATE 3/25/2020

Happy to announce we’ve found Vitamin C with Liposomal 1400 mg (180 Capsules) for you. Click here for purchase. Sold out everywhere else or delayed shipping.

Coronavirus Live Stats here!

Andrew Saul, from Doctor Yourself, breaks down what’s really going on with Vitamin C censorship and how he is in complete contact with doctors currently in Wuhan.

He’s in contact with Dr. Cheng in Wuhan. He speaks of curing and preventing with Vitamin C. Over there they are using 24,000 mg of Vitamin C. Other studies are using 12-24K mg which may not seem like much but they are it is 100% absorbed because it’s intravenous. Additionally, Dr. Cheng also pushes you to take it orally.

The evidence goes back since the 1940s for multiple cases of Vitamin C curing ailments and serious disease.

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UPDATE 3/19/2020

Vitamin C (High Doses) CURES Coronavirus / Covid-19 – Dr. Cheng (Preliminary Results)

BLOG UPDATE 3/17/2020

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UPDATE 3/13/2020

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